Trekking Poles

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The hiking poles are fundamental instruments for any fan of long walks outdoors. With them you can help your arms to climb steep slopes, walk faster, reduce the effort made by your legs and have better balance in difficult terrain or on slippery surfaces.

What hiking stick to buy?

When choosing trekking poles you should pay attention to the following elements:

• Handle: That is comfortable, of a soft material with grip, despite sweat or rain. In addition, it must be ergonomic, so that it adapts perfectly to your hand.

• Rod shaft: It is the part that goes from the handle to the tip. It is usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber. The aluminum ones are more resistant, heavy and cheap, while those made of carbon fiber offer advantages such as greater elasticity, lightness and absorption of vibrations.

• Tip: There are metal and plastic. Metals are recommended on soft surfaces while plastic ones are usually used on bare stone. To have the option to change the tip depending on the terrain, or in the face of deterioration, it is advisable to acquire a hiking stick with replaceable tips.

• Closures: The closures allow to fix the sections and adjust the length of the axis. There are internal ones, which tend to be more resistant, and external ones, which are easier to adjust and block.

• Rosette: It is the circular element that is placed just above the tip and that serves so that the cane does not sink in excess, to avoid that the tip is locked between roots or rocks and to give greater stability. In areas with snow, larger rosettes are often used, and in smaller dirt and mud plots.
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